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Weirrrrd dreams last night.

this is one part of the dream, with most of the details left out. mostly cause i can't remember them.

paige and i were at an A*C*Moore picking up stuff. hijinks ensued there - but afterward we went out to her (still to me) new car and i was having trouble seeing the color in the lighting as it was getting dark. we met up with jay and nikki in the parking lot and they're discussing the features with paige because they want a new car.

next thing *I* know, i'm sitting in the backseat and nikki and jay are in the front (jay driving) and paige and Kenny (kurillan) were hanging to the outside of the car, passenger side. I flip out demanding them to stop. its dangerous and we're going to get in trouble. their response is that its a perfectly fine way to test the car features, though jay admits that he almost 'warmed' kenny a couple of times (i dont know why, but in my dream, that meant that he almost scraped him on the gaurdrail on turns.

suddenly, we've stopped the car. we're on the side of a road and there are now more of us as we discuss this totally random thing we're gonna do thats gonna determine where we drive to next, when the cops show up. not in cars. on foot. at least 3 - 5 of them. and all i can do is glare at the group and mutter "I told you so" and try not to get heard by the cops. but one of them gives me a sharp glance anyway.

somebody, nikki i think, starts to tell a long story about searching for a new car and i can see the cops don't want to hear any long story that doesnt even seem connected to what they want. I start to pipe up and say something about making a long story short - the rest of the group glares at me and tells me to shut up because i'm A) too honest and B) don't have the ability to bullshit my way out of a paper bag. so i drop it and walk to the edge of the group to just look around.

some girl sitting on the opposite side pipes in with something thats supposed to be helpful but has all of us looking at her in confusion. one person leans over to me "who is that?" they whisper "I dunno either." i whisper back.

THen my daughter starts talking (when did SHE get there?) and i respond with something (honestly, can't remember) but the cops start to get upset and i point out something about how she's my daughter and doesn't know whats going on. they relent and she comes running over to me and i pick her up.

i turn around, and...there's james and franklin running up the hallway. yup. we are now in a hallway. REALLY big one, like one of the ones at the Hynes. Franklin runs up to his mom Andrea who is now ALSO in our group getting questioned by the cops.

the cops are suddenly turning friendly and play a little game with franklin, then have us all line up so we can do the same game. other people have shown up but i don't know who they are, but in the dream i did.

that is when my bladder woke me. but through it all, the cops NEVER said a word.

what do you think, the heat and lack of proper sleep getting to me? I know its been getting to our internet connection - it cut out for a little while last night and then just slowed down when we got it back on a few hours later.

I miss my LJ

So i plan on trying to make more use of it.

seriously, its empty here. every time i come over here, my feed is swallowed up by community posts i don't have the time to read and i can't find the few who posted. I have just cleaned that up. I have - while not actually backing out of the groups - used the manage friends list to not see them all the time. it was about all i had patience and time for figuring out.

Currently, the reason LJ fell behind was three fold. the above reason, the fact that I COULD NOT get in for months some time back and just gave up and lastly - i just have too many of these things that i need to check at all times.

Facebook is my main thing cause everyone i know (almost) is there. its the easiest way to keep tabs on people. plus, the games. i have to keep blocking them as i find myself getting addicted to them. seriously.

Then i have Twitter - which i set up just so i could FB from my phone while traveling.
Then i have DA and Flickr for art and photographs. I have created an art community on DA called "Unsung Mediums" so if nothing else, i want to maintain that. and Flickr I am currently participating in a Project 52 thing. i did it last year, only missing a few things. ANd.....I've been trying to do it this year, but I've missed MOST of them.

And of course, that's NOT counting the forums I've signed up on. of which there are many - any convention i plan on going to ever for that year, then i usually wind up never going again - and the two I'm staffing: Anime Boston and Nauticon.

i have a Xanga profile somewhere, and i have a Google plus one as well. my phone keeps trying to get me to upload my pics to photobucket, but i don't want ANOTHER account. i want it to go to my flickr! i know it can be done. I've found several apps for it, but no idea which one to get! (plus, i need to upgrade my memory chip for the phone. i have a basic one and i have downloaded: There's Square, and FourSquare wait, that's just about it. i think when i downloaded the Square app (credit card - i can NOW take credit cards at events!) my phone yelled at me that i didn't have enough room. so i deleted draw something *sniff*, words with friends, and the imdb app too.

there are others i WOULD have deleted since i don't use them, but it doesn't care - the game samples and aim and stuff all came with the phone and won't let me.

oh! that's right - Paige downloaded the Dr. who theme song for my ringtone and the TARDIS dematerialization (or woosh!) for short for my email notifications. she had to download an APP for one of those to be used too - that took up space.

anyway, after i deleted all i could to keep the things i desperately wanted to keep, my phone keeps telling me to update various programs. i can't. when i do, i suddenly do not have enough room for the updates. so yeah, i SERIOUSLY need to get a new chip. i thought i had ordered one, but it didn't go through.

And before i close off this meaningless journal, I'd like to point out:

Getting the Dr. Who theme song for a ringtone wasn't a very bright idea while i was watching a Dr. who marathon. i kept grabbing for my phone! LMAO. but I'm too pleased to give it up.

I gotta rant ....

Tuberat Mommy
and facebook just isn't good for that. also, the person who has set this rant off is there and i can't 'cut' her because she's a coworker and i'm her ride. it's how she contacts me on a general basis.

firstly, i usually don't mind things she says. it would get boring at work if we didn't talk with each other, and the days would drag. she loves books and she has some funny stories and is usually a good person to talk with. But she's one of those people that somehow make you feel like you need her approval.

But she's been dispensing these....*gems* that have been pissing me off, or just plain upsetting me. And this past friday she had me shaking and almost in tears after she stalked off because *I* wasn't getting *her*

Here are a few of those gems:

  • Because my kid is an only child

    • my daughter will and can only be a boring duplicate of her parents. Note, the person saying this is an EXCEPTION to this rule because she had cousins and some interesting uncles
    • kat will never understand how to deal with multiple children and their sibling rivalry if she should have them. She knows this because she didn't. Note: So, if you have siblings you automatically know how to deal with this? I know *I* don't, and i had 2 sibs...i can't even deal with multiple CHILDREN on a regular basis, much less basic sibling rivalry
    • Kat will get sucked into her books and not be able to deal with the real world in any way. Having siblings has nothing to do with this. Otherwise my mother and stepfather wouldn't have attempted to ground ME from reading. it didn't work, btw

  • If my husband isn't actively listening to me whenever i say something, whether deliberately or not, then he is subjecting me to abuse. this is unacceptable by anyone from anyone.

    ---- Mind you - she does it to me all the time. and ADMITS to me that she's tuning me out because "otherwise, I'll just be too tired by the end of the day." While i admit i can talk too much, i RELY on some sort of cue to know when i should stop. I have told her to tell me when she needs me to stop for a little while. She doesn't have to be mean about it. just say "i'm sorry, i can't concentrate today, do you mind if we be quiet for a little while?"

  • She also goes on about how Barbies ruin a childs image of herself and her self esteem and how it destroyed her cousin. I'm not a fan of barbie myself. and I thought it was pretty funny that kat - if given a choice - would prefer to have nothing to do with barbies (She has a few because well meaning relatives give them to her) and so my co-worker goes on about how I'm going to get her ostracized by the kids in school if i refuse to let her play with barbies

But the kicker was this one: there are plenty of other things i can go on about, but here's the one that got me on friday. She was saying about how "I will and can NEVER understand, until i have a child who's joined the military, how hard it is for the mother to deal with. How horrible the worry is. How she jumps every time the phone rings and i must NEVER call her from one part of the building to the other part ever again because she thought something had happened to her son. That nothing compares to that danger, and that nobody else knows what its like to worry about their child."

when i tried to point out that i do worry about my child and that *I* never receive outside calls either unless there is an emergency (of which i have received news of two deaths in my family and a call from a panicked husband because he wasn't SURE if katrina was alright or not) she insisted how it was not the same and i just couldn't understand, that sure i worry about my kid, but she's not the military so i can't possibly worry about my kid the same way.

With all the other things she's said to me, this time i said something back.

and i said that i don't see how being in the military or not makes a difference to my amount of worry. if my kid is in danger, my kid is in danger - if my kid is hurt, my kid is hurt. i don't care HOW THE FUCK it happens (though i didn't say it with that vulgarity), if something happens to my child, I'm going to be just as devastated. as i was trying to say this, she abruptly stands up and STORMS out of the room we're in.

and as upset as i already was, i wound up shouting after her, "Thank you so much for trivializing what i feel and WALKING OUT!!"

what gets me mad so much is that every time she speaks, she sounds like she's judging me and that I'm a lesser person because i haven't read the same things she has (such a friggin' trivial thing to judge someone else by!), or that i don't ascribe to her way of living or opinions on every detail. she is ALWAYS making judgements on people...and sometimes, when she makes those judgements, i see her acting just like those people. But she's all set with THEIR behavior. Sometimes its not even WHAT she says. she does have more experience in life then me, being almost 30 years older, and her oldest kid being about only a decade younger than me, but its the way she says those things. SO judgmental. So - you're wrong because you're not as perfect as: me, my uncle, my kid, my grandfather - take your pick.


Had to rant. don't expect anyone to even read this cause most people are on Facebook now. but i had to get it out...kudos if anyone actually reads it i guess?

Ugh ugh and ARRRRGH!!!!

So, iknow i've been guilty of not keeping up on this thing. the reason i keep falling behind is that i have like 3 REALLY big things i wanted to post about, and i keep putting that off cause they'll be long and i want to do it justice. and cause i put that off, i don't put anything else up.

but now i want to vent about a few things. this last week has been some sort of weird hell week, or something.

Hell Week? you be the judgeCollapse )

Today was a Jonah Day

Tuberat Mommy
Today, was a day, my daughter certainly had what i refer to as "Jonah Days", a day where everything goes wrong or seems out of sorts. i got the term from one of my all time favorite book series, and not a lot of people, even those who HAVE actually read the books, seem to know what the term is or where it came from.

but i just cannot think of anything else to call it, other than some non polite things my husband mouthed so that Katrina could not hear it.

my poor baby girl burst into tears no less then 4 times in a 4 hour period today - in my presence. i would not know of any incidences that occurred while i was sleeping or at work, obviously.

firstly, she kept 'bouncing' around on my bed. it couldn't be quite called jumping. but she wouldn't stop when i asked, and she kept 'falling over' right by the foot-board. she did so several times in such a way that had me thinking that if the foot-board had NOT been there, she'd have taken a header, and if she'd hit that foot-board a little differently, she'd still be taking a header. so i told her to stop. when she didn't listen, i yelled. Cue waterworks #1.

when i came back from AB last week, i dumped a TON of loose change into one of the cups in my room that is hers but not allowed to leave the room and i waited for her to discover it.

today she did. she was ecstatic as she ran to go get her bright pink, fuzzy (and very solid) piggy bank which she called Ham (despite him NOT actually being from Toy Story) and kept saying "oh thank you mommy! thank you so much!" she filled up the piggy bank and declared "Ham is getting REALLY heavy mommy!"

so i said "Then i guess its' time to take your piggy bank to the bank so we can keep saving money! If you wanna go, go get dressed..."

"YAY!" she exclaimed. and raced off to do just that. prior to leaving, my hubby told her to be VERY careful with Ham since he thought she was being a little too careless in my room, by the bed, when she shook him and noted how heavy he was. We took her bank and left.

as we went over to the penny arcade, she started to step up onto the kids ledge and sorta tripped or something. she didn't fall, but Ham did. Bank Tiles and Ceramic Piggies - for thats what he turned out to be made of - do NOT mix. Ham broke into some rather large pieces and the coins were everywhere.

katrina was inconsolable as she burst into tears and sobbed for the second time that day. one of the bank tellers came running out and helped clean up the piggy bank and pick up the coins and then he came BACK out with a new little bank.

"I know its not pink, or a piggy, but here's a brand new bank for you...." he said. so nice! we finally got her calmed down enough and i engaged her in the Penny Arcade. it has you guess what you're putting in. if you get close, you are a winner. we'd never won before so i had no idea what we won. i knew there was over 15 dollars in there, so i told Katrina to choose between 18 and 20 and she picked 19. so that's what we did. and she got it! if she'd gone with 20, she'd have lost...18 still would have done it. so she got a free folding Frisbee!

then we got home, she mentioned telling daddy about Ham breaking while we were getting out of the car. then we get inside, she sees him and bursts into sobs again. he, of course, is at a complete loss until i explain. and then i say "and i think she's expecting you to yell at her for breaking the piggy bank, after your lecture with her this morning." he got all "oh no, honey! that was an's okay!" and he consoled her....

then as she eats her burger (and unbeknownst to her, I'm ordering her an actual Ham Piggy Bank this time to replace the last one, as i promised i would at the bank), it slips out of her hands and to the floor. i hear her crying again and look over at her. and realize what happened. i go after the burger. it didn't just fall, it came apart...! i toss what i can that hit the ground (tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, etc), wipe the rest of it off (i figured any dirt got into the sauce and i wiped ALl the sauce off) and give it back, assuring her we cleaned it off, it's okay....

then she tried to convince me that work was canceled today and i had to assure her that no, it wasn't and i still had to go to work. :(

The irony about the Piggy Bank breaking? Is that it did NOT break during any of the times she slept with it, or played with it. it broke when she used it for it's intended purpose and brought the money inside to the bank.

Yes, she did sleep with her piggy bank. she sleeps with ALL her Toy Story toys, and because the majority of them are a combination of the rubbery plastic and hard plastic (and apparently ceramic), *I* have set down that she can only sleep with one at a time (otherwise, can you imagine rolling over on top of those???) and the ones she does not sleep with get a seat in the rocking chair next to the bed, and she picks a different one to sleep with every night, each one taking turns.

Wow, what a Wednesday...

Tuberat Mommy

was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. once again I did not go to the gym, but thats because i made a mistake. we got the option of a free carpet cleaning with our renewal because we've been tennents here for a good long while. so we had to wake up early and vacate the house, and not return for hours.

so we got up, headed to staples, examined some desks, picked up a lap thing for my laptop, a gamecube controller shaped calculator for katrina and some velcros to put this new dr. who poster up in her room.

then off to walmart. rick finally got some new jeans and shorts, we picked up the "princess and the frog" and another new sheet set for our new bed.

it was still early, so away down to Barnes and Nobles we went. kat remembered that a few visits ago there had been a plastic clock with moving hands she really wanted. so she beelined for it and i figured, what the heck. its a toy and it teaches. so we picked it up and a gift card for myself.

on our way out, i found out one of my artists worked there! i definitly recognized her, but couldn't place her name. Cat from C'lay la Vie :D she's part of a partnership in the group. cool stuff.

finally, it was 11 o'clock, and there we went to Bugaboo for breakfast. yummy good food! and kat had a good time too. finally, it was after noon and we headed back to the house. the carpet was very clean but still a little wet. so then we went outside to play

we took her bicycle with us and though we've had it since last summer, this was the first time she'd gotten to ride it (i'd wanted to clean it up and present it to her at her birthday, and then that didn't work out the way it was supposed to, and the weather after that was no good.

Very happy to be outside

she picked A LOT of dandelions while out as well, but put them down and got involved with something else. a couple of boys who insisted i was cody's mom, whoever that is, started playing with them and they got scattered about, so she wound up only bringing in one of her dandelions which daddy then put into water.

when it was bedtime, she suddenly starts going on about purple flowers. she wants her purple flowers she picked. MOMMY knows.

when we finally figured out she was talking about the lavender from last summer and that we don't have it anymore she was sobbing uncontrollably, and i promised her we'd get some new 'flowers' (specifically not specific) sometime. and she was insisting that it had to be with aunt kerry, and uncle robert and grandma yia yia and kourtney....that's about all i got out of her while she sobbed and i tried to explain i didn't know who would be going with us or when we would be going.

all in all, a jam-packed and wonderful day
even counting that my Nook temporarily stopped working (it's working now, and i've spent all my gift cards already. i need more B&N money! LOL)
and even counting that i was so exhausted i was making myself sick at work trying to stay awake and had to come home early....

My uber long weekend - aka AB 2011 report

So i started a gym about three week ago. and i've only gone to one week. last week i was too busy running around going "OMG I'm not ready!! i have to be packed by Thursday morning!!!" (and i skipped this week too because of appointments and just not being home yet!)

i was right. i wasn't ready. i left a few things for my display behind. really pissed me off. it may or may not have impacted sales. i guess I'll never know. but thanks to some ingenuity and a few friends, it didn't look half bad:

My booth display

so Paige picked me up and got me in on Thursday where i was promptly met by wolf! *Yay*. i proceeded to check into my hotel room to be told that it wasn't ready yet. they took my number and would call me when it was. I'd like to note they never did. i went straight up to the AA where Gabe and Kathy (two of my staffers) were already waiting for me. who then proceeded to say "What do you mean your room wasn't ready? aren't you rooming with us? we checked in this morning!"
Weeping Angel - Dr. Who
i suppose that should have been a warning, that this entire convention weekend at anime boston was going to be really really weird. not bad, though there were problems. just....weird.

set up of the room - despite five missing tables and one of the biggest mistakes we've ever had - probably went the SMOOTHEST it ever has. for one, it didn't take forever to get someone up there to FIX the problem. rather, all it took was for them to see Wolf and I with a map and a tape measure in hand for them to suddenly come up in a group of 8-10 people and demand (very politely) to see the map, and find out why we were measuring ANYTHING.

y'see...the tables were in the right pattern, but no one had ever given them the measurements for the row widths or anything - despite that, they did fairly well to eyeball it by a numberless map, but due to continuing traffic issues, it was something that needed to be changed.

artists had a hard time getting in all weekend. badges challenged, the allowed list ignored, things like that. i think i know why, and how to fix. but to top it all off, though i was staff, and my badge said so AND said i was a manager of something, it apparently didn't count to the convention center security (not ours) since they would NOT allow me to escort a non badged patron in and out of the building till i argued it.

on the other hand, not all the staff there was like that, and i think one of the union workers may be attempting to get a table next year :D how's that for impact?

it felt weird all weekend to be at a different table than normal, but it was fun to hang in a corner area with a bunch of people i knew and was friends with. i think i got more interaction with them then usual. though i don't understand how quite a few friends of mine could have been there and i never saw them. unless it was during one of the many times i actually got called away to do something Manager wise.

yup. i opened my big fat mouth and told people last year that if they want an issue resolved or even just looked into, it didn't do me any good to find out after the con. ah well, it needed to be done.

my raffles didn't do so well, but i got more commissions for the whole weekend than i normally would have - the only full sized pieces i got were for take home orders only. everyone else ordered 5 x 7 sized pics - it looks like THAT was a VERY good addition to the repertoire!

The selling dynamics were off all weekend too, and i wasn't the only artist to notice that. usually its x amount on Friday, 2 - 5 times that amount on Saturday, and maybe 1/2 - equal that of Friday on Sunday. not this time. Friday and Saturday switched places, giving artists false hopes / beliefs for Saturday.

despite that, though, i did fairly well. really no worse then i have been doing in the last 3 years (4 years ago was quite possibly my WORST AB ever) and while i was tempted to wonder what exactly i had done wrong, i realized there were a lot of artists sitting by me who normally did well (as in, at least 3 times what i pulled in) who got the same as I did, that makes me think that if the economy ever resolves itself n a good way, maybe i won't be so bad off.

The wonders of a phone
i attended this con for the first time ever with a phone (except for my 1st two years out of the Kame Haus and on my own) and it proved not only entertaining (i left my twitter on and got some funny as well as informative updates all weekend) but very useful! in once case, a commissioner left me two sheets - one of which was wrong. when i texted her about it, we resolved it all, so that a couple of hours later when she got out of where she was, her pictures were all set!

sam with comics

Bards Comic
SAM!!! she came by the table on Friday to say hi and i got pictures! she is way taller than me :P so she came to hang out a bit on Friday, and she bought a copy of each comic. then on Saturday, her boyfriend came by to meet me. apparently, she kinda forgot to tell him she was in a comic. then he found it. :P now *THAT* had to be pretty funny!

and one of the very first commissions of the weekend was a commission of Jayko, the little gryph kitty from the comic - how cool was that? that's the first comic commission ever that wasn't a prize or already a print

Charity Auction Hijinks
now, most of you wouldn't know but AB runs a charity auction every year and i donate an 8 foot table with guaranteed in to the alley to be auctioned off. that table is worth 120 dollars and it went for 455!!!! so i got called up to be told this awesome news. the phone was crackling and breaking up, i could barely hear anything and i said so. i heard that much though, and i exclaimed on it, but everything else was just nonsense to me and i couldn't hear it.

i found out later the reason why - jody had put me on speakerphone (and i don't do well on those....) and then put the phone up to the mic. she had called me (she's the MC you see) in the middle of the charity auction to get my reaction. apparently, i had the whole auction laughing, but now, of course, i can't remember a thing that i said!

oh and some things i had donated went vry well - received about 300 dollars or so...
Malcom Reynolds!
i took tons of pictures as usual. dressed in my steampunk attire on Saturday (that's m airship pirate apprentice outfit) after jko convinced me that i do NOT look like a jersey hooker (what rick said) and that it didn't matter that the steampunk community i had attempted to post to this summer with my outfit and opinion requests had rejected my post AND never answered my questions as to why.

one of the artists had a pro type photo setup in his corner. said it was 80 dollars for a photo with background manip. i, of course, did not have that. till he heard i was gonna be steampunking it. then he said "i waive the fee - i'm looking for steampunk photos for my cosplay book! if you don't mind the RAW JPGS and no mods, I'll not charge you"

so i now have had some really good photos taken of me in my steampunk outfit. can't wait to get my hands on them! :D other than those and the pics i had taken with my own camera, i'm sure there are NO other con pics of me.

there was none. that's all there is to report.

i went to the Dead Dog - second time there - had awesome fun. got invited to a staff after party, but my head was killing me for being so tired and so la - i went to bed instead.
this pic taken at the dead dog

Keith and I at the Dead Dog
is apparently RATHER well pleased with me after the art i did for them. one prior to the con which the provided the photos and all the ideas and i maniped it together in an hour, and then one n the last day of the con - the evolution of a fake pokemon.

you can find photos here for the whole of the con. 155 pics - bth of three days of costumes and friends, and then of the dead dog party.

Con final count 19,136 people. last year was only 17k. that's a pretty big jump right there.

some of my favorite pics:

</a> Akiko without her pirate jacket 11th Dr. #3 - the best one!pretty (and lucky) steampunk

There were other things i wanted to post, but...this is plenty long as is.
People are leaving LJ in droves and leaving me behind :(
I still prefer LJ for the amount of stuff i can write here. and for the fact that LJ doesn't deliberately leave out posts people have made. So i guess i'll talk to myself then.

ME: So, what's new?

SELF: I'm working on a CD Cover for Marc again -its looking pretty sweet, if i do say so myself.

ME: Awesome...what else?

SELF: I'm arranging a badge party on saturday, and easter egg coloring on sunday. next friday, i'm debating taking my birthday off to go see the double feature "Labrynth/Dark Crystal" on the big screen, and on saturday my friend Ray is coming over, and on Sunday we're going to have an Easter Egg Hunt!

ME: Wow! You're pretty busy!

SELF: yeah, i know. and then there's the con the weekend after. gotta be there early on thursday and will come home on monday. OH! and on May 6th, i'm taking the day off and attempting to plan a trip to Funspot - the idea was originally for a belated birthday present so that i could hang out with people. anyone here wanna go?

*chirp chirp*

ME: Don't forget the new bed!

SELF: Oh yeah! after getting in my tax return, i paid off one card and cancelled it, and cleared most of anther card and then i got myself a NEW BED. its bigger than the old one ,and we definitly have to do some re-arranging, but its just... i love it!

ME: I love my Nook! I read it every day. i already have over 40 books on it. but i gotta hold off on getting more ;( but i found out that i can use barnes and nobles gift cards to buy more books! and with my membership, i can buy gift cards for 10 % off (you can't use the 10% off on any digital media...but hows THAT for a sweet deal?)
This has to do with religion. it does NOT have to do on whether or not i think religion is right, or if MY religion is right. it has to do with the treatment by other people about religion at read at your own risk. i need to rant.

this has come to a head in multiple ways for me. i've been wanting to vent about this since the original incident happened about a month ago, but i just kept putting it off. who would read it? but you know, i think i need to get it out just for me. if you read it, thats fine. i don't think many people are reading LJ anyway.

Todays over the top blanket statement:

"This sickens me. That someone could use the words Christ and "overjoyed at what's happened in Japan"... She has obviously fallen far afield of his teachings. Goddess save me from the Christians."

Now, the statement itself refers to a horrible video claiming that fasting for one day about atheists in the world has brought this 'punishment' down on japan (and that they plan on dong 40 more day of fasting for the rest of the atheists in the world). i didn't even bother watching a video that STUPID and insensitive.

I replied with "god save me from people giving my religion a bad name.
"of course, its not just the CRAZY Christians - i've been seeing crap like this for the last 4 days "Oh, this is karma for Pearl Harbor" and that's coming from all sorts of people - In America. people are so frigging stupid."

I hope i got my point across without being nasty, or belittling the original intent of the statement. honestly,i've heard or seen this sentiment around a lot of times - either written on facebook or lj or even just heard in conversation, but it generally rolls over me.

But i guess i'm still sensitive after what happened a few weeks ago:

I was at a get together when i heard one of the vegetarians say this (paraphrased) "I hate it when people lump all of us (vegetarians) together and judge us all by the same facts, when only a few of us are that insane, or some of us have specific health concerns that make us have to eat this way."

Okay. whats wrong with this statement you ask? not much - until you put it in perspective:

because she and 4 others there went straight from that conversation to bash ALL of Christianity for being insane, for causing all the wrong things in the world, and that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM were ignorant fucks who used christian propaganda to bash this group or that group and basically not acting in the way that Christians are supposed to act.

of course, me and another girl there were Christians of one type or another, and we spoke up, quietly, but we did, about how not "All of us were like that, thank you very much." hoping just that statement alone would get the point across. i mean, here we are friends with these people. they know us, so they know how we are, how we act. just by that alone they should have been forced to reconsider their notion that "every single christian" was a bad egg.

I've been hearing more and more things out there that disturb me - like that church thats always arranging protests of one type or another (the one that REALLY got me was the one for the little girl that got shot by accident when someone went on a shooting spree at a debate or whatever it was. Someone tell me why that little girls funeral deserved to be protested? what she could have done at her age to cause such hate from a god who preaches "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "Turn the other cheek" )- i've heard some of their supposedly christian ideology. i can't reconcile it. but they're out there, they have followers and they're getting a LOT of coverage.

and i can understand people disliking them. or the group of people at my get together who are - and let me put this out there - friends with someone they totally...disrespect. No seriously, they're friends with this guy and they're making fun of his beliefs. he believe in the rapture. he also has predicted the rapture around a half a dozen times so far and gotten it wrong. his excuse is that obviously he just miscalculated. but his so called friends are laughing at him and his ideology and then go on to say how they find it absolutely funny how *HE* thinks that when the rapture comes, he'll be part of it since hes....and they go into a lot of the things he's done that they don't think are right.

now, if he's as bad a character as they say he is, and he's claiming ot be christian, i can understand where some of the bad feeling and disbelief comes from. but again, its a blanket statement if they're saying we're all like that guy - right after they said they hate that sort of blanket statement. AND i wanna know, if he's such a bad kid, why are they friends with him???

I'm just sick and tired of being lumped in together with people who are not very good Christians. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I'm not batshit crazy either. and i wish that people would realize we're not all the same. and I'd like to point out that's true of being American too.

every group - whether its of nationality, beliefs, subculture or whatever - has its crazies, bad eggs, or just downright ignorant/misinformed/misled people right there along with the rest of us. the problem is the crazies (to keep it short) make good headlines or are pushing their views out there. they're getting the spotlight and i think it's time somebody remembers that 'wait a second, they're not all like that'.

is it too much to ask to be judged on a one by one basis, for who you are and not what you're perceived to be a part of?

*bangs head on a brick wall*

my various to do lists

because its so not avoiding working ON the lists, by MAKING the lists!!!

Finish coloring the last of morgans 4 pictures and get paid remainder
Finish making marcs 4 panel cd cover and get a nice bit of pay
start and finish that tripledarned gunsmith cats pic for chris and claim my reward!!! (aka, cold hard cash!)
Somehow get angela to give me enough feedback on current icons so i can finish the set and claim that reward too.
Do the 2nd portrait of jillian for des and receive monies

Note: try to get all the above finished on various dates between now and april 1st, @ the latest, customer cooperation pending....

draw the portrait of amanda and her daughter - no timeline on that
make wolfs pay it forward gift BEFORE Anime Boston
make Dawns pay it forward gift BEFORE Anime Boston
keep in mind i'm offering a prize for a contest ending on april 15th
Design and finish the massive one piece picture (And then put in that max. # of people in a pic rule)
Make the other three pay it forwards for Anita, Kerry and Aunt Patty - also no timeline on that

In the meantime
remember to keep up with the weekly comic
finish editing outcasts book 1
finish making ART for it!
finish coloring the strips for the bards comic deluxe book already~!!!!
keep up with any C6 related art as requests come in.

Sewing (wait...WHAT??)
Modify an old green dress to turn into a Link Tunic and Hat BEFORE Anime Boston
Fix katrina's superman cape - by end of week
Modify one of KAT's old dresses to be a tinkerbell dress - have THAT ready by next ren fair

for fun
portrait of Six and perri (refs gotten)
Portrait of 9 (still looking)
portrait of Giles
Portrait of Spike (started)
portrait of Jack O'neill
Diff portrait of tennant AS 10 this time...
many portraits of katrina :D
maybe a portrait of me? i dunno...
a toy story poster for katrina
catch up on my scrapbooking - now 1 1/2 years behind.
take my dr.who/star trek crossover and turn into fun comic

Anime Boston
Print out various new pics
organize them into books
set up the badge art i received for the alley and print
plan the badge making party and invite...
Make my own friggin' badges - but since i'm not allowed to, they'll only be for use by the AA staff.

And um....i think i've forgotten stuff...

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